Consulting & Development


We help with Open Source Software, Embedded Linux, Real-Time, and Containers. Our main focus is on the Yocto Project®.

  • We offer project start-up help.
  • It’s not unusual to guide with BSP development/tuning/”up-streaming”.
    • This could be the replacement of some vendor components by “upstream” components.
    • It could as well be a Yocto Project® version upgrade.
  • All the time, best practices are followed.
  • Many times we review your “meta-layers” and “third-party meta-layers.
  • Frequently we have a look at your development workflow. This allows us to analyze it.
    • In turn, it allows us to suggest measures for fine-tuning and improvements to your infrastructure.

Consulting Time

  • (Private) in-house training includes consulting time while on-site.
  • (Private) online/remote teaching contains consulting time while training is in progress.
  • Book additional Yocto Project®/Embedded Linux/FreeRTOS consulting time as remote work.
  • Book additional on-site Yocto Project®/Embedded Linux/FreeRTOS consulting time.


  • We created a Lab in a box and Remote labs for our premises in Austria and until 2022 also in Greece.
    • Those are the basic things you need when you want to accomplish continuous integration/testing and delivery (CI, CT, CD).
  • Lab equipment that mainly suits our needs was manufactured.
    • One example would be SDWire, an SD card reader/multiplexer.
    • The latest lab hardware development is a USB Conserver based on the Yocto Project®.
    • Other examples are printed circuit boards and prototypes to support teaching.
  • In 2014 we showcased the world’s first Yocto Project® powered 3D printer at the Yocto Project® booth at the “Embedded Linux Conference Europe”.
  • Throughout the years, we got involved in the creation of hardware and real-time as well as non-real-time software as well as managerial tasks.
    • Integration management at some multi-national set-top-box projects.
    • Industrial automation for a printing company.
    • Control systems for the Institute of Experimental Physics in Graz (Austria).
    • A video player for “video on demand” in hotels.
    • An add-on to photocopiers – Kodak.


  • We provide flexible engagement models so you can request exactly the capabilities you need.
  • The options we offer range from consulting to full turnkey engagements.
  • We either handle everything for you or by engaging our worldwide network of experts so that you and Reliable Embedded Systems – Robert Berger e.U. can focus on their core competencies.
  • You might even want to add training for project startup and after third-party code delivery. Here you’ll find more information about it.