Reliable Embedded Systems – Robert Berger e.U. is a leading company that provides high-quality training and consulting services. Our mission is to help you improve your embedded software skills. We are committed to being a company of exceptional quality in every aspect of its business. We are convinced that great relationships with our customers, partners, and affiliations are very important for success.

Robert Berger is a well-known and recognized expert. He shares his knowledge by teaching about the Yocto Project®, Embedded Linux, and Real-Time on a mission to “yoctoize” the world “#yoctoizing” as well as supporting you to use containers with your embedded systems “#embcontainer“. Robert travels around Europe and helps companies worldwide via remote sessions.

Although people with varying levels of expertise join our public events, we manage to provide a solid foundation by bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Private workshops provide a more flexible course outline and allow us to focus on company and project-specific issues – consulting included.

There is no need to bring your own equipment. We will provide you with the same equipment during both on-site and remote training sessions.

Robert Berger has developed practical and management experience in software design and in the development of “embedded systems” since 1993. Some of them with, others without real-time requirements.

From the beginning of the 21st century, he has used Linux on desktop and server-class machines, but mainly for embedded practices (automotive, industrial control, robotics, telecoms, consumer electronics, etc.). 

Robert regularly attends international events such as the “Embedded World Conference”, the “Embedded Software Engineering Congress”, the “Embedded Systems Conference”, the “Embedded Linux Conference”, the “Yocto Project® Developer Day”, and the “Yocto Project® Summit” as an expert and lecturer. 

His areas of expertise are training and consulting (in German or English) on the Yocto Project®, Embedded Software, and Real-Time, worldwide. Robert has many years of experience from the smallest real-time systems (FreeRTOS) to boards with multiple processors/cores and embedded Linux (user-, kernel-space, device drivers, hardware interfacing, debugging, multi-core, Yocto Project®) with a focus on free and open-source software.

Robert is a globe-trotter. He is a CEO and Embedded Software Evangelist at Reliable Embedded Systems – Robert Berger e.U. with headquarters in St. Barbara, Austria.

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